Download Studio 1550
Equipment List .PDF

Download Studio 1550
Rental Agreement .PDF

In House Photography Rentals*

Comet 2400ws Kit.
Comet Fresnel Housing.
Comet Optical Projection Housing.
Comet Grid Spot Set
Turbo Filter II Kit
Arkay Camera Stand w/Majestic Head
Medium Format Gitzo Tripod
C-Stand 40"
18' High Roller
Low Low Baby
Bogan Wind-Up w/Boom arm.
8'x8' Aluminum Frame
8'x8' Diffusion
9x9 Quarter Sail
12'x12' Aluminum Frame
12'x12' Half Sail
12'x12' Griff
20'x20' Aluminum Frame
Plume Wafer 75
Plume Wafer 100
Plume Wafer 140
Plume Wafer 200
Chimera 5'x20'
Northlight 1'x5'
Northlight 4'x4'
Northlight 3'x5'

*Availability and prices subject to change.